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When you were injured in a car accident, you were naturally unprepared for the medical, emotional, and financial toll it would exact. What the collision has created may be overwhelming because of the recovery process along with the stress of dealing with an insurance company, medical bills, lost work time, car repairs or replacement, and much more. If you believe the other driver was responsible for the crash and your injuries, you may have substantial rights to monetary compensation. But the process of collecting damages from the driver responsible for injuring you can be complicated, time-consuming, stressful, and confusing.

If you’ve received any of these injuries and more, you have a right to be financially compensated: Concussion, Whiplash, Broken Bones, Back or Neck Damage, Wounds, Scrapes, Cuts, Blood Loss, Chest or Internal Injuries, Disfigurement, Scarring, Amputation, Traumatic Brain Damage, Spinal Cord Damage and or Paralysis.

While your physical injuries cause you pain and discomfort, you may also be suffering from emotional anguish and stress because you can’t handle your usual responsibilities, may have lost your job and income, and are watching the bills pile up. In some cases, victims suffer from post-traumatic stress, a compensable accident damage.

Los Angeles Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help You Receive Fair Compensation for Your Injuries and Property Damage

If you’re not a personal injury attorney, you may not have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and procedures that protect you when the negligence or recklessness of another driver injured you. That said, when you’ve been seriously injured in a vehicle collision, it’s imperative that you speak to an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney to fully protect yourself.

Under California law, victims of car collisions are entitled to monetary compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, lost wages and permanent injury, amputation and disfigurement. When a loved one was killed because of a car collision, family members may want to pursue a wrongful death claim.

While there are laws designed to protect you financially, victims who try to obtain monetary compensation alone are considerably less likely to get what they are legally entitled to. Statistical studies show that accident victims who hire an attorney average three times the compensation paid to those without legal counsel. In part, a lesser settlement happens because unsuspecting victims are unaware of the strategies insurance companies use to deny your fair claim. Without legal advice, an insurance adjuster may ask you questions intended to gain information that will compromise your right to the compensation you’re legally entitled to.

Wrongful Death of A Loved One in A Car Accident

If you lost a loved one in a fatal car accident because of another driver’s recklessness or negligence, California law provides for monetary compensation for family members. Last year in California, car accidents led to 3,654 fatalities. California law allows surviving family members to sue for monetary compensation for wrongful death losses and car insurance death benefits.

Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers

Our Los Angeles, CA car accident attorney will vigilantly fight to win the financial compensation you deserve.

Because of our decades of combined experience representing thousands of clients in motor vehicle accident injury cases, our lawyers have helped car accident victims and their families win MULTI-MILLION-DOLLAR cash settlements. And when an insurance company or the injuring driver isn’t willing to settle fairly, if we must take your case to a civil court trial, we are fully equipped and ready to do so. However, often, we have been able to obtain favorable settlements for our clients without going to court.

In the most recent California Highway Patrol report on car accidents, 3,435 people were killed in collisions and 254,461 persons were injured. And these are only the accidents reported to and documented by California Highway Patrol, so it is reasonable to assume that the amount of fatalities and injuries is even higher.

Time is Short—Deadlines for Filing A Personal Injury Claim Are Strict

No Up-Front Costs—We’ll Pay for Everything and Only Get Paid When We Win Your Case

Whether you sustained injuries from rear-end collisions, T-Bone accidents, rollovers or even seemingly minor fender benders, they all have the potential to cause severe, debilitating injuries. Certain injuries such as fractures, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries and soft tissue damage can become even more severe over time if not properly treated. In some cases, especially if you don’t have medical insurance, the cost of receiving proper medical care may be prohibitive. In any case, when you incur medical expenses because of your injuries, you should be compensated by the driver that hurt you.

Because you have enough to overcome, our car accident law firm will never charge you a cent until we win your rightful compensation.

Call the Los Angeles Car Accident attorneys today at XXX.XXX.XXX to schedule your free initial consultation or send us a message on our case evaluation form. During your meeting with our legal team, we’ll listen attentively to your unique story and respectfully explain what your legal rights are for monetary compensation. And if you can’t come to us because you are too injured, we’ll happily visit you in the hospital or at home.


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