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Have you been injured due to dangerous conditions on a construction or other job site? Has an accident involving fundamentally unsafe conditions or poorly maintained equipment jeopardized your ability to earn a living, take care of your family and yourself, pay all your medical expenses, handle your mounting bills, and restore your quality of life?

While you may assume that workers’ compensation benefits are your only source of financial recovery, it’s possible the responsibility for your construction accident injuries may be the fault of a third party. Because workers’ compensation monetary payments are limited by law, you may be entitled to sue a third party if it can be proven that they caused or contributed to your injuries.

When you’ve been seriously injured on the job, you may be entitled to receive money for the medical and rehabilitation expenses you’ve incurred, lost income if you were unable to work for any period, mounting bills, car and home adaptations to accommodate any disability you may have, loss of enjoyment of life and more.

That’s Where Our Los Angeles Construction Injury Law Firm Can Intervene

The consequences of a work injury can significantly alter your life and affect your entire family and should be taken seriously. That’s where the Los Angeles construction accident attorneys can intervene and help you achieve what you rightfully deserve when workers’ compensation isn’t enough to cover your financial needs, especially when it can be determined that a third-party caused your on-the-job injuries.

Because the consequences of a work injury can be life-altering—temporarily and long-term—and affect your entire family, it’s critical that you contact an experienced construction work injury lawyer immediately before evidence disappears and witnesses’ memories fade.

And if you haven’t already, do not make any statement to an insurance adjuster who may ask leading questions to elicit answers that they will use against you to deny their client’s culpability for your injuries. But if you have already talked to an insurance adjuster, we have methods to discount or work around the statements you may have made.

With the possibility that you can win compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits, when you choose our legal team of experienced construction accident injury attorneys, we’ll establish who or what is to blame for your injuries.

With decades of experience representing injured construction workers, we have the knowledge, resources and investigative skills necessary to properly and thoroughly determine what caused your accident. Upon investigation, our lawyers will determine whether you have a viable claim against a contractor, subcontractor, and/or equipment manufacturer for injury accountability that exceeds workers’ compensation’s lawful responsibility.

Los Angeles Construction Accident Lawyers

Dedicated to Thorough Accident Investigation and Advocacy for Your Healing and Financial Future

At our Los Angeles law firm, we have a track record of consistently obtaining outstanding results for clients injured under these and similar circumstances. And we also are widely known and respected within the legal, insurance and civil court arena for our unique approach to optimal compensation pursuit for complex work site accident claims, including claims arising from: Scaffolding collapses, Falls from heights, Trip and slips, Head injuries from falling objects, Equipment failures, Lack of effective guards, Lack of emergency “kill switches”, Lack of proper warning signage, Safety protections for conveyor belts, power tools, and other industrial equipment, Explosions and fires and or Toxic chemical exposure.

To determine whether you have the right to file a construction accident lawsuit, the circumstances around your injuries must be investigated and analyzed.

A Third-Party Lawsuit Could Win Greater Compensation Than A Workers’ Compensation Claim Alone. For those who are permanently disabled or face a long, costly recovery, such a third-party lawsuit may be essential because it may yield far greater overall compensation than a limited workers’ compensation claim.

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We’ll Never Charge You A Cent Up-Front—We Get Paid Only When Your Case is Won

...and if we think we can win compensation for your injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one, you’ll never pay us a cent up-front. We’ll handle all the costs of preparing your case from hiring medical and private investigators and accident scene experts, to interviewing witnesses and handling depositions, managing arbitration and mediation, paying court filing costs, and, when applicable, covering all the costs of trial litigation. Only after we win your case, will we get paid from a pre-agreed percentage of your win.

If you are suffering from injuries or grieving the loss of a loved one killed on a construction job, we want to help now. With strict time restrictions and statutes of limitations on filing job-related injury liability and wrongful death claims, call 800-210-9694 today to schedule your FREE consultation. Or if you prefer, send us a message on our contact form. With offices in Los Angeles, it’s convenient to meet with us. However, if you are too injured or incapacitated to visit our offices, we’ll gladly come to you at your home, hospital, or rehabilitation facility.


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